Friday, October 12, 2007

Did My Mojo Go? Part Two

As I explained in our previous post, we've been busy--too busy to blog much (my bad). But we have been working....

Before we moved downstairs (yet again) to complete the upstairs (trim, floors, bathroom), I wanted to complete as many projects as possible--this included the fireplaces.

As you can tell on the "before" pictures, there wasn't much there...We found some pretty beat up, cast iron fireplace surrounds and had them "powder coated" to prevent further rusting...I then got some salvaged marble (that came off a library) and tried my hand at marble fabrication...Which didn't come out too bad, considering I only had a skill saw, a diamond blade, and a 4-inch grinder to work with...It was surprisingly easy--but I haven't reached Michaelanglo's mad skillz.

Dining room fireplace before:

The dining room after (with fireplace)

The livingroom fireplace (before)

The livingroom (after):


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was searching on Google images "how-to" re-face a fireplace and I found your blog. First of all let me tell you that I stopped searching and started to read every single article in your blog.
I love it! My husband is a graphic designer and I have no clue in doing renovations, but I always love to learn.
We did refinish our floors in the family room, what our very first time dealing with drum sanders, stains, etc. It came out good, but not perfect. As my sister-in-law (she just wanted to help) cleaned up the sand dust with a damp cloth instead of using the vacuum or that sticky cloth that I can't recall its name now.
We have some spots where you can se the traces of the cloth.. oh well.. We still have to refinish all the floors in the house so I guess it's going to get better..

I can't believe you guys spent 6 years renovating... you did the whole house and not only that, everything is perfectly done and looks great.
Hopefully our projects turn out as good as yours

PS.- Sorry about my spelling and grammar, English is my second language :)

7:48 AM  

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