Monday, February 06, 2006

Progress Pictures--Upstairs Insulation

Here are more progress pictures during our upstairs remodel. Again, most of this is done (sans little things like doors, trim, medicine cabinets, etc.), and we are now living in this area.

We have included pictures of the spray-in-place poly foam insulation and insulation in between interior walls (which help with sound and compartmentalizes the heat). Enjoy.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Progress Pictures--Inside Upstairs Framing

This is a picture of our upstairs-in progress. We were framing for the master bedroom "sitting room" and closet. On the other side of the framing is our soon to be bath. When we bought the home, most of the original features had already been stripped--the floor and and the stairs were the few remaining original items...These will stay.

We are currently living upstairs in this area (now that it is mostly complete).

Up next: Lovely pictures of our insulation. Wooohooo!

I've Got Pictures--In Progress/Outside

Here are couple of pictures of the house in progress...At this point we had already put a new foundation under the house, re-built the roof, put on new roofing, installed custom gutters, repaired the eaves, installed the second story windows, and removed both the asphalt siding and the stucco that covered that. We were apperently in the process of removing the paint on the siding, moving our way down from the top.

Around the back, we were in the process of tearing off the additions that were added on to the house over the course of years...Only to be rebuilt later.

Up next...Interior "during" pictures.